Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Domesticated Animals in the Area of Rtsibs ri

The following is a list of domesticated animals taken from La stod Thub bstan shes rab's Rgyal gyi shrii'am rtsibs ri'i gnas bshad dad gsum 'dren pa'i zhing sa, Kathmandu 2004, pp. 353-54.

g.yag / 'bri / mdzo / mdzo mo / glang / rtol le / sgar / sgir / gser gling / sgir ba / ba phyugs / bam mdzo / ko g.yag / rta / drel / bong bu / thol log / lug / ra / khyi / phag pa / zhi mi / khyim bya pho mo sogs yod //

'bri dang glang 'dres pas / pho skyes pa la / mdzo dang / mo skyes pa la mdzo mo zhes brjod  //

mdzo mo dang glang 'dres pas / rtol mo dang / rtol mo dang glang 'dres pas / sgar dang / sgar dang glang 'dres pas sgir dang / sgir dang glang 'dres pas / gser gling dang / gser gling dang glang 'dres pas sgir ba / sgir ba dang glang 'dres pas / ba phyugs yin no / ba phyugs dang g.yag 'dres pas / bam mdzo dang / mdzo mo dang g.yag 'dres pa la / ko g.yag yin no / 'bri dang rong glang 'dres pas ur mdzo yin //

bong gseb dang rta 'dres pas drel dang / rta gseb dang bong bu 'dres pas / thol log yin no //

dre'u pho mo mo gsham ste rabs chad du byed do //


  1. Dear Sitahu, If hybrids are infertile, how is all this possible? (I'm not sure hybrids are always infertile, but let's just say they are... And your text says mules are barren...) That could explain why you don't see a lot of mentions of thol-log? I don't think I've ever seen even one! Does gseb mean 'stud'? Can't bovines interbreed every which way? Just a question, but I'm full of those. How are other things? Yours, Dan

  2. Dear Dan,
    Thank you very much for the comment. Typing the list is my first step, thinking about it comes later and hopefully a discussion about the list with the author of the rtsibs ri lo rgyus. Many greetings from the one who still searches for the exact meaning of sitahu.

  3. By the way, the author says in his introduction that he has not much knowledge, shes yon sbyang 'bras med!

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